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Zolo - Zombies Only Live Once is currently available on Steam Early Access for 3.99$


“Zolo – Zombies Only Live Once” a Zombie cubic style, action adventure, simulator PC VR game.

You’re an unconventional, love spreading, peacemaking Zombie of the modern times. Living in the capital of the land of traditional fascist zombies. Which means equal rights and freedom of expression are of utmost importance for you and your race and they want none of it.

Due to the excessive love you were giving, the mayor decided to cast you away for infecting other zombies with a despicable love emotion, which might result in the return of the human race itself. But after a long time in exile, almost 2 entire minutes!!!


You decided to take revenge on your people by invading Necroville. Venture in Necroville and unleash your rage punching and shooting zombies that cross your path.





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